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The more I believe in Angels
The more I see them all around me
In friends, family and acquaintances
It's amazing
How much goodness you can see
If only you BELIEVE

Here are some of the gifts I've received.
I will add more as I have time.

badgirl-pictureThank you Sharon !

Its not hard to tell you're a free spirit!!
You're also an incredible encouragement here on the board
you always have a timely word that lifts the heart.
To be an Adventurer is to blaze trails and open up the 'new'....
keep on doing so :) - "CAZ"

Thank you for this gift and words !

Thank you, Feathers !

"Thank you TOBI... "YOU" were the 2000th guestbook entry;
and the winning guestbook entry in my guestbook today.
You and all'a the Bad Girls have made my dreams come true today.
I am ever so thankful... I made this special JUST for YOU!
I hope ya like it....Thanks again Jim Nasium"

I am honored, Jim, and I LOVE it ! You even used my favorite all time entertainers picture...aaawww !!!! how sweet !
This day will go down in M & M History for sure.... (had to be there to understand) *LOL*

Thank you Feathers [7/24/98]
Bad Girl Angel

Our Dear LACE got married to Jeff on the Net [7/31/98]


Thank you Pamella: Love my purple slippers.

Thank you Sealight: This is beautiful [8/17/98]

A mousies whiskers are sensitive..... they can feel over looooong distances
Just like we bad girls do feel for each other over the oceans even :-) we pick up vibrations
and give comfort where it is needed the most.

mouse-gift Thank you Jeansie/mouse

My Scottish Friend-Rab birthday-thanks

Tigress-gift Thank you for this beautiful gift :-)

Susan-"CAVESTER" -- Thank you !! Furby

Bre` (aka-Flame) had a birthday 4/28/99

This honor was bestowed upon ALL of us
on August 16, l998 and remained for 4 Days
While Charna was on vacation
Thanks "Granny" for the art work,
and to Jan for thinking of it !

a crown
You can see the name on this one !

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