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What is Netiquette?
Simply stated, it's network etiquette ~~

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*Definition of Etiquette*


Etiquette/Decorum Suggests:
Conduct according with good taste

Decency Implies:
Behavior according with normal self-respect
or humane feeling for others

The usual term for the detailed rules governing manners,
and conduct and for the observance of these rules.

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Regarding Cyberspace

* When you enter any new culture
~~ and cyberspace has its own culture ~~

We are liable to commit a few social blunders.

We might offend people without meaning to.
Or you might misunderstand what others say and take offense when it's not intended.
To make matters worse, something about cyberspace
makes it easy to forget that we are interacting with other real people.

* Any message you send could be saved or forwarded by its recipient.
You have no control over where it goes.

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How To: Mailing Lists

Do you ever send bulk e-mail ?
Do you send it as a BCC ?
Do you send as "Undisclosed Receipents" ?

You may be sending everyone's address that you have on your list into the hands of a spammer. Even if you belong to an "ORGANIZATION" on the WEB. Don't be fooled into thinking that it won't happen just because you KNOW everyone on your list and are sure that THEY would never do anything with the other e-mail addresses they can see on their copy of the mass mail.

Most mass (bulk) e-mails are forwards, something someone sent to you that they thought was a "beautiful poem" or, perhaps is in a "contest" maybe you don't want to participate, maybe you don't have the time to do this (we all have busy schedules). We don't wish to hurt anyone's feelings by saying NO ! Also, we all get "Jokes" sent to us that we think our friends will like so we send them. Well, just think how many people that YOU sent that e-mail to will now also forward it...where will that e-mail be by the end of the day? How many people have seen a huge list of e-mail addresses that have been forwarded all over the internet. This is "delight" to a spammer, and "they" are out there, somewhere. Also not to say how long it takes some e-mail servers to download this mail. For some it can take a long time for one piece of mail.

AOL USERS ~~~~ Special Instructions:
To blind copy mail do this:
If you have an address list you can click on "blind copy"
to the right or just put a bracket "()" in front and at the end of the addresses in the COPY BOX.

* To whom should messages be directed ?

(Or why "mailing lists" could become a dirty word)

It's easy to copy practically anyone on your mail
as it is not to. And we sometimes find ourselves
copying people almost out of habit.
In general, this is rude.
People have less time than ever these days.
Before you copy people on your messages, ask yourself whether they really need to know.
If the answer is no, don't waste their time.
If the answer is maybe, think twice before you hit the send key.


Have you ever wondered how some people get your address to advise you of a contest they are in ? Does it bother you to be sent e-mail everytime someone updates their pages, and if you signed their guest book more than once, that's how many e-mails you will receive on their updates. That's because they aren't personally inviting you - they are using Guest World (as an example) to notify you. Re-think putting your e-mail addy in guest books.

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Named after the puzzling, unwanted meat product, spam (as in "scam" or "sham") is Net-speak for unsolicited junk email. Spammers love email because it costs next to nothing to send so they can harass the world with limitless buy-this-stuff email (usually selling smut or a program that generates more spam). Spammers will often offer you the option of removing yourself from their emailing list. But more often than not they use non-functioning return email addresses or anonymous remailers so it's difficult to staunch their ever-steady flow (though recent legislation has been passed outlawing this behavior). However you're not helpless: Tools like spam-filter programs and a spam-abuse hotline ( do provide recipes for cooking spam.

~~ Thank you Earthlink Network ~~
Great explaination !

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Some Links to Check

Excellent Site: Join the Fight Against Spam ! CAUCE ORGANIZATION




Good information COPS ON THE NET

Concerned about Virus's
Symantec has many rescources SARC-Virus Hoaxes

Helful HOAX Sites

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Snopes is an excellent resource area

AFU & Urban Legends
Check here before you send to others, causing spam.

Don't forward e-mail chain letters
Hoaxbusters Home Page

Don't Spread That Hoax
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
The HoaxKill Service

Excellent Information - Cyber-Neighborhood watch

Dealing with Junk Mail
What you should & should NOT do

Responsible Anti-spam Sites

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More Information For You

Other information you should be aware of:

"Recently there have been a lot of cases where spammers have used other people's e-mail addresses as their "reply to" address. This means when you write to complain, or ask to be removed from the list, quite often this e-mail is going to an innocent person who is being abused by someone using their address without their knowledge or consent. Try to remember this when sending a letter of complaint to a 'reply to' address on a spam e-mail, you may be hitting out at someone who is completely unaware. Don't necessarily believe return e-mail addresses. Spammers also like to use the e-mail addresses of people who openly oppose and fight against spam as their e-mail address in an attempt to discredit these people. They hope that this will generate so much angry mail into their e-mail boxes that they will give up their fight against spam."

Never Respond to SPAM !

Most spam e-mail comes with an invitation
to "remove" yourself from the list.
Don't believe it! The replies usually bounce.
What's more, the spammer can use your reply to
confirm that your address is active.


Please re-think putting your e-mail address in guest books.
Also refrain from putting it on all your Web-Pages.

Another Thought !

As for complaining to the person that sent you the e-mail with
all the addy's in it. Tell them that you do not appreciate
them sending any e-mail with your address in it
with the address visible to all recipients and ask
that they refrain from doing it again.

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Personal Safety Tips For You

Some more information to consider
For your Safety on the Internet

AnyWho Directory Service
Do you want people to cris-cross your information ??
"GET REMOVED" at this site

For WhoWhere
you can have your info removed by going here

This is a link of all sorts of people directories
Go through them every 4 months or so and have anything that shows up again, get removed.

Dogpile is an excellent Search Engine
but get yourself removed they cris-cross your personal information too.

There are MANY more "Directories" on the internet
Switchboard, Yahoo, BigFoot and more.
They have cris-cross directories, they offer detail maps to your home address.
"GET REMOVED" don't let strangers obtain information about you.

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Children Safety Tips


The information here has been provided to me
by a "friend".

*** PLEASE ***
Re-think posting pictures of your lovely little ones.
Don't post the pictures so that the sick side of life
can make sport of them.

(A) pedophiles search the net for children's pictures to use on their sites as "examples" of children they either have "loved" or "molested" or they graphically "enhance" them...
(B) It's giving too much information away about yourself, your children, your personal lives.... If you have your state, your name, your address, any personal information that could be put together with children's pictures?
Anyone can find them...
Do you have the name of their school? The state you live in? The city?
How much personal information about you and your family
is on your web site?
It's for their protection, and to keep their pictures out of the hands of perverts....

A MUST see site for your childrens' sake !

An informative site here !
Please see this site !

WAY TOO MANY TIMES what sexual predators can and DO,
do to really cute children pictures is
EXACTLY the reason to urge everyone to
"hide" their children's pictures !
Keep them on a page where YOU decide who gets the url!
Share it with friends and family, but not with the world :).
Caution is a good thing.

Much MORE information right here regarding this subject:

Find tips, advice and suggestions
to make your family's online
experience fun and productive!

Right to Safeguard
[Link here to get the to " Right to Safe Guard Banner"]

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~~ Boycott spammers ~~
Do not buy their products.

Fight Spam! Click Here!

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